The Ethical Pursuit of Cyber Security

Hello all,

I know there have been recent issues w the gameserver part of the site. I think its been resolved. A legacy router which was configured to update the cname DNS record for gameserver.planettradewars was repurposed in the old server location and it, along with the new router in Vegas were arguing and updating the same record on their own timing. Thats why sometimes it would work, and other times it wouldn't. Sorry for this and thanks to the ones who reached out to me to get assistance. I know daily turns are important as, although I dont play now, I played for years and will at somepoint- when the cybersecurity world cams a bit- will be back! :) Everything is slowly moving to Vegas because of energy costs in California so please be patient while this happens. There could be additional issues but as soon as you tell me, Ill be on it!



-Prohakr (XBL/PSN/Steam - if youre a moden day gamer and would like to add me)


This game is unmonitored. If it is having issues, please email so that we may fix it. Some users will access it via TELNET port 23 at and will not be able to get this message so please, for the community- reach out so it can get fixed and people wont lose turns or even worse! ;)